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BTS: Nikki's Playlist + Q&A


Music, for many of us, can be such an enormous part of our lives. Without overthinking, we naturally embrace it to wind down, zone out, get groovin’ and even use it as a form of self care. If we are fortunate in this life, we are able to hear the loud, intense melodies or the soothing and soft flows. 

And beyond that, If we slow our thoughts down, we realize, music is there all around us.

Every breath and beat of our heart carries the song, sound, and vibrations that connects us all. 

As widespread as it can be, music is still a very personal and behind-the scenes experience. Each song on our playlist can act as a time capsule, connecting us to people, places, and events. Each song has the power to attach you to homes you’ve never visited, transport you back to a time well-lived, or even evoke memories you thought were long forgotten.

M   U   S   I   C. 

It's its own form of communication. It’s own language. And behind it lives an abundance of inspiration to be tapped into.  

However you choose to use it, dance party? mediation guide? 

Let go and feel it. Explore your emotions and single out the varying layers.

Each layer giving you an opportunity to connect beyond the sound. 

Each song carrying it’s own distinct energy, it’s own pulse-just like us. All we need to do is open up to the potential magic of it all. 


Lets go behind the scenes with Nikki Cade to see how she taps in and relates to music: 

Listen below to see what Nikki’s been currently grooving to in and out of the Studio: 

Music can awaken a palette of emotions or help foster a creative environment. A  pulsating beat or gritty rumble can shake a new type of brush stroke onto your canvas, or the silence that sits between notes can paint the hues around you.  

In what way has music enhanced your life? 

Next time you catch yourself in the midst of a listening session: challenge yourself to slow down, center your hand over your chest, hum, sing, feel the vibrations radiating outward, connect to that moment. At times, being mindful of the layers can inspire something beautiful. Share what you discover! 

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