Round Up: Bloom + Grow Together

Spring has officially sprung and that means we get to see a slew of all things blooming. From poppies and tulips to daffodils and peonies, we get to experience natures colorful gifts. And lucky for me I follow some pretty awesome Instagram feeds that light up my life with their amazing creative take on the natural world. I'm taking a stab at creating botanical silhouettes for a new collection of work and here are a few feeds I am inspired by daily:


Kimmy Hogan is a digital artist who makes large scale beautiful, lush floral and botanical works of art. I really love how she breaks down flowers and foliage into interesting shapes for a collage slash mosaic slash pixelated feel. She's also not afraid to use black which is a huge bonus in my opinion!


How can you not be in love with the fresh and feminine florals from Lulie Wallace. Her take on the modern still life makes me giddy. Just as soon as I get my new house I'm adding one of her shower curtains to my wish list!


I just found Meredith on Instagram through my friend Brit Bass Turner. I absolutely love the simplicity of her work from the contour lines of flowers and leaf patterns to the limited color palettes she chooses. It's all so moody and delicious right?


Ah, my sweet friend Ashley. Don't you just adore the lusciousness of her floral paintings? I know, I know, she's stunningly beautiful and steals our attention away from...wait what were we talking about? .....Oh yes! Blooms. Her work is refined, romantic, and grandiose without being overly pretentious. Definitely adding an original to my wish list too!


The quiet and gentle watercolor botanical work from the studio of Emily Jeffords are so fresh and reminiscent of all things Spring. I love how she explored fluidity of watercolor medium and negative space. Effortless beauty. 

Last but not least lets all admire the gorgeous floral creations of Katie Jobling. Her work takes me back to my grandmothers garden--so robust, full of color and life. I love the sweetness of her roses and how she brings forth feelings of love and warmth in her work. 

So there you have it. A few of the Artist I'm currently inspired by although there are many more. If you know of any other feeds featuring blooms please share them in the comments section. I hope you will come back and visit for my new collection of Botanical Silhouettes on May 9th. Until then, I'll leave you with a list of hashtags I'm currently using in case you'd like to share your work with the community. Keep blooming!

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