Triple Your Traffic: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe | Day 3

Sooooo, today is all about setting up our Pinterest boards with intention. The goal is to make a list of at least 15-20 topics that will align with our target audience. For example, since I am an artist and also host creative workshops, my boards will appeal to people who are looking to broaden their artistic horizons or decorate their spaces with fine art. I find it interesting to work in this way because to tell you the truth, my personal Pinterest  account is sort of a hodge podge of randomness. Bleh.. 

Side note: one thing I learned from a designer friend of mine, is how to make boards look visually appealing by color coding. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go quite this far but hey, it does look awesome!

Time to brainstorm some categories:

For Art: my studio, my paintings, creative spaces, artful walls, gallery walls, interior styling with art, product packaging, creative gift wrap, art supplies, photoshoot inspo, creative apps for social media, small space big style, the masters as muse, literature to inspire art, modern art, artists I admire, artist interviews, art techniques, in situ, etc..

For Workshops: creative business, retreats, travelogue the blog, creative brunch series, etc..

Wow! I was actually able to come up with 20+ categories based on my narrowed topics "Art" and "Workshops" . This exercise was extremely helpful in making sure my boards stay on target and aligned with my goals.

This exercise only took me 15 minutes! Now I am going to spend some time actually creating my boards. I'm loving that I can do these challenges in a half hour. Totally doable for this busy girl and I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile. 

Thanks for following along as I figure these things out one step at a time!