Triple Your Traffic

I'm excited to finally start focusing on Pinterest to grow my creative business. I've decided to do the Triple Your Traffic challenge by Melyssa Griffin as a fun way to start. Hopefully, by blogging through the challenge, I'll be more motivated to focus and do things in a methodical way as opposed to my usual sporadic discourse.

Yesterday we were given the task of starting or converting our Pinterest accounts over to a business account. I'm finding this to be a common thread in the way of social media in terms of setting ourselves up for success. Normally,  I tend to shy away from numbers and data and focus only on creating art but as a rising creativepreneur I'm finding it to be an essential component to my personal growth. 

Did you know it is the number 1 way to drive traffic back to your website? I was surprised to find out Pinterest is not just for DIY projects and recipes. You can use this platform to grow virtually any niche. If that's not enough motivation to start utilizing Pinterest more, I don't know what would be!

I'm excited to see where this goes! Stay tuned for updates :)