Hudson, NY: Artist Residency

I wish I had blogged daily about my experience doing my residency at Drop, Forge, and Tool because there were so many things I wanted to capture so I could share with you guys and also remember myself. Unfortunately, I didn't do that. I was busy trying to be present. Go figure!

However, here are a few pictures I tried to capture the experience.  I spend 10 wonderful days in Hudson, NY and I can't wait to go back again.  

I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself to create a large amount of work during my stay. My goal was to simply fill the creative well by taking in the environment, meeting new people, and networking.

I arrived at the train station late in the evening on the first day and was met by the owners, Katherine and Michael. I could tell right away that this would be such an interesting town based on how adorable the red brick train station was. Oh, and before I forget...I have to say that train travel is such a treat. If you haven't had the opportunity to ride Amtrak, I totally recommend it. It allowed me to enjoy this view of the Hudson River for a large part of the ride and it was serene.

As you can see from the photos, I spent a lot of time walking down Warren street and taking in the views. I enjoyed being in walking distance to many galleries and restaurants. It was nice to stop into the local bookstore and hang out too. 

I highly recommend doing an artist residency, if for nothing more than a break away from your usual day-to-day routine. If you are interested in learning more about residencies you can sign up at ResArtis  and you will get up-to-date information about residencies that are open all over the world. Cheers to living life to the fullest!