Exactly one week before I found out about the passing of Prince I got an insatiable urge to learn to play guitar. Maybe He and I were spiritually connected and it was his way of sharing a little creative passion before leaving this realm.

It wouldn't surprise me. I fell for him hard.

Like so many tweens in the late 80s I was captivated by onstage orgasmic convulsions I knew nothing about and grew up firmly believing someday he would scoop me up on his motorcycle and we would ride off into the purple rain wearing leather jackets and raspberry berets.

I fantasized about making love under the cherry moon and him telling me that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world.

I desperately needed his kiss! I wanted to cream and get on top! I was waiting for the day he'd drape my body in diamonds and pearls.

I KNEW the day was coming. These things WOULD happen, I was one hundred percent for sure. Because I was the girl he met in the hotel lobby, reading and doing other things with a magazine. I was his darling Nikki and no matter how hard she tried-- my mama couldn't tell me any thing different. I was determined we would be able to tell our children how we met one day under a graffiti bridge and how he'd tease and tempt me with every strum of his electric guitar. 

That day never came.

On April 21, 2016, the world may have lost a creative icon, but I lost my first love--The beautiful one.

I'll always remember you sexy MF but I know you had to go because life is a party and parties aren't meant to last. 


Darling Nikki