Art Biz 1-on-1

My clients are my friends more than anything else, I care about helping them follow their passions. In my world, bravery is an absolute necessity. Crazy out-of-the-box thinking is always a fabulous idea. The number of followers you have is overrated and comparing yourself to others is a definite NO. Fantasizing about quitting your day job? Now that is totally reasonable! 

Join me in a 1 hour session where I'll share everything I've learned in my journey as an Artist and Creative Entrepreneur.  Let's take a deep dive into setting real, attainable goals and objectives. 

You'll leave feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to make waves in art & life!

This session includes lifetime access to my A to Z Resource Guide for Artists and Creatives!

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After my art biz consultation with Nikki, I felt energized and eager to work on my business. Nikki’s questions were very insightful and her advice was specific and spot-on! I felt heard, seen, and—best of all—understood. Nikki is thoughtful and wise; she left me feeling optimistic about my future. I would recommend Nikki to any artist who is looking to grow or improve their business no matter how far along their journey they might be.


~Tara Robinson


Thinking of hiring me for some 1-on-1 time to talk about creating community, growing engagement, building sustainable careers, or anything related to art?

A 20 minute consultation will give us a chance to know each other better and allow me to better see how I might be able to help!

Let's do this!!

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