Triple Your Traffic Challenge Day 2

It's day 2 of Triple Your Traffic! I wasn't looking forward to doing one more thing on my ever growing 'to do' list but I'm really glad I did. Today I did three things to my new Pinterest page. As you can see I have

1) added key words to my profile (Artist, Maker, and Founder of The Creative Brunch Series)

2) Wrote a short blurb about exactly what it is I do (Fine Art and Maker Workshops) Yeah!!!!


3) I added an on-brand photo--well as on-brand as I could find. The point is to show a photo that represents who you are. I chose one with paint covered hands because...well that's usually how you'll find me on a typical day. 

Surprisingly enough, this exercise took me less than 30 minutes!! I feel much more confident about how things look and I'm reeeeeaaallly excited about tomorrow guys! If you aren't already signed up for this challenge you should jump in. See my previous post for a link ;)