Save the Date!

You are creative.

Yes, YOU!

The one who thinks you can't even draw a stick figure.

Ditch that inner critic and join us as we explore "Creative Hacks" anyone can do to start a project and stay inspired with Designer + Professional Crafter, Sara Gillespie.

We'll meet in a truly unique outdoor garden space with decor + swag bags curated especially for you by Event Planner/Stylist, Shannon Gillespie, over a southern inspired brunch menu.

It's time to make authentic connections with your creative community!

Location: Ida Claire

Address:  5001 Belt Line Rd, Dallas, TX 75254

Phone:(214) 377-8227

    Date: April 30, 2016

    Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

    This event is perfect for beginners, the advanced, and the curious. So put on your yoga pants and some lip balm and get ready to:

    • Learn tips for starting a painting
    • Learn how to create your own typography
    • Use a technique for image transfers
    • Discover new materials to make anything more fabulous
    • Leave with a finished canvas you can feel proud of!

    As always, the lessons and supplies will be provided for you but please be prepared to cover any costs if you would like to join us for brunch.

    THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED! Please check back again for future events.

    Sara Gillespie, Designer

    I am a quirky photographer, relaxed painter, passionate thrift shopper, and a professional crafter. Seriously, I craft for a living! As a designer for a craft retailer, I go into work each day and discover new ways to inspire customers through unique projects and ideas. I love to use a range of mediums to bring my creative vision to life. Be it taking pictures on my iPhone or vintage camera, painting with a brush or working in Photoshop, I love to explore endless avenues to express what I feel and what I want to say to the world.

    I look at creative roadblocks as an opportunity to think differently and do something I've never done before. This mindset is key when creating something every day. It takes courage to do something outside of the box sometimes, but the payoff can be so worth it!

    My current creative motto is, "fail faster!" The less you let fear drive you, the faster you fail. The faster you fail, the faster you succeed. That's about the only math I can do...But it makes sense to me!

    Shannon Gillespie, Event Planner/Stylist

    Hello! My website Bright + Blush came from my desire to travel the world and make things fabulous; from small parties to big weddings.  "People, Places, & Plates" encompasses my love to consult, style, and plan for weddings, parties, home decor, travel, and cooking based on dietary needs. From tea parties to glamorous events, I love making events and spaces personalized and fun.

    My style is a combination of the classic simplicity of Joanna Gaines and the bold, fun glamour of Kate Spade. I call it vintage/modern glam: think polka dots, stripes, black & white, gold, fresh flowers, and pops of color. Things I can't live without: tea! (iced & hot), fabulous mugs, cute animal videos, emojis, Pinterest, travel, Netflix, Trader Joe's, my family and friends & saving grace!



    Photo by: Sara Gillespie

    Photo by: Sara Gillespie


    Nikki Cade, Artist, Maker, + Founder of The Creative Brunch Series

    Hi there! I'm so excited to meet you! I started The Creative Brunch Series because I believe creativity is way more fun when we do it together. It is a chance for creative spirits to start the weekend off with delicious food, great company, and easy projects to keep us all inspired + connected to one another. I hope you will join us and share in the community as an honored guest! 

    Instagram: @nikkicadestudio


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    Each time I have walked away feeling empowered and inspired. At the last brunch I got to delve into a creative endeavor, art, which I never undertake because I am an awful artist. But guess what? In that moment I felt free to explore and play and actually enjoy something that really pulled me out of my comfort zone. I love that your brunches make me get in touch with that place of freedom and creativity that I don’t encounter in my day to day life. I love it even more that when I leave a brunch, I feel a stirring in my spirit to make time for creative pursuits everyday
    — Otisha Gilreath
    Empowered. Support. Blessed. Rejuvenated. Focused. These are all reflections and sentiments to describe my experience at these workshops. The brunch I attended was intimate and I felt like I connected with many new people. This platform allows you to feel vulnerable and gives you the opportunity to walk away knowing you have truly grown in some way. Can’t wait to participate in the next one!
    — Tiffany Petry