Holiday Memories

It probably wasn't the best business move to wait until December to start sharing ornaments but I wanted to create something meaningful. As you may know, I believe the artist to be a conduit of creativity and I want to remain true to this premise, which often requires me to wait until things feel right.

I decided to create jeweled ornaments because they remind me of a childhood memory. My mother, who is very influential in my creative life, taught me how to adorn using sequins when I was younger. We loaded beads onto straight pins and completely covered bars of soap. My cousins and grandma all joined in and before I knew it we were all sitting around the table making crafts, talking, and laughing. 

This memory evokes feelings of togetherness, love, and sharing in me and I wanted to transfer all this positive energy into the work I created. These ornaments turned out to be a meaningful way for me to honor the memories I hold so near.

If you've already placed an order, it is being beautifully packaged and prepared to ship out. I hope it feels your home with a little something special this year from my heart to yours. 



P.S. I just added a new ornament to the shop! Check it out and let me know what you think:)