My Tool Box!

Photo by: Kristy McCoy

Photo by: Kristy McCoy

Hello there!

I’ve been thinking for a while now I should write down all my favorite tools and few tips/tricks I use in my studio for mixed media painting and collage. So, right now at this very moment, I am sitting by the fireplace at Central Market (after a little late night shopping ) and doing just that.

Click here to purchase some of my favorite items and I’d love to know what’s in your tool box too!

I use acrylic paint in any brand and oil pigment sticks. I love how opaque and vivid the colors are and they can be used over acrylic. I also recently discovered the bold beauty of fluorescent paints so this is at the top of my favorites list.  

My friend Annamieka shared a painting hack with me that was seriously life changing—organize all your paint by color. Duh! The simplest things sometimes just slip right by me. It’s awesome though, so if you don’t already do this go for it! 

Pre-stretched canvases are my go to but I have used wood panels before and they seemed to work really well for collage work. I use brushes from the hardware store and other types of painting brushes in a variety of sizes and tip types. At some point I will invest in really nice brushes but for now I use what I can afford. I also just started using foam brushes which are super affordable.

I use a thick piece of beveled edge glass (I found at the dumpster) for a palette. It gives me a really large surface to work and pull paint from. You can wet it down and scrap off the dried paint with a razor blade. This is just one way I save money on supplies. I normally don’t use paper towels either. I keep a set of old rags that I hand wash and use again and again.

I like this water spray bottle from the beauty supply store because it sprays out in a mist instead of a stream which allows me to lightly wet my paints so they don’t dry out and I get better control when trying to create drips.

I love using a brayer, it leaves yummy textures and if you wrap it with twine it will also make cool patterns.

I also keep baskets of things to experiment with.

Old credit cards for dragging paint across the surface, silver or gold leaf for adding a bit of bling, pastels, chalk pens, Heidi Swapp Color Shine sprays and stencils, cloth and wood doilies to spray paint over, scrapbooking paper for collaging, and really anything I can find laying around. Nothing is off limits!

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Happy Painting!